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Amritsar City Guide

The holy city of Amritsar is located in the north western part of India, in the vibrant Punjab state, at an altitude of 31°37'59.16" N and latitude of 74°51'56.16" E. The trapezium shaped city is spread over an area of 50 sq km and falls under the administrative division of Jullandhar. Its distance from the nearest Lahore city in Pakistan is 50 km. The city witnesses all four major weather seasons of India viz. winter, summer, monsoon (Rainy Season) and post-monsoon. The winter season starts in November and ends in March, when the temperature of the city ranges from -3 °C to 18 °C. The summer season lasts from April to June when the temperature could reach up to 46°C. The temperature during monsoon season (July to September) and post-monsoon (September to November) remains comfortable and varies between 22 to 35 °C.

Amritsar City Guide
Bhatinda City Guide

Bhatinda City falls in the district of Bhatinda in Southern Punjab, located between 29°33' & 30°36' North latitude and 74°38' and 75°46' East longitude. Its distance from the capital of Punjab is 225 km. There is remarkable variation in the temperature of the city between winter and summer. The weather of the city is almost dry, but it remains very humid form May till the end of August. South-West monsoon brings rains in the region from July to mid-September.

Bhatinda City  Guide
Barnala City Guide

Barnala is a city in Southern Punjab, located between altitude 29°44' N and longitude 75°14' E. It is a part of Indo-Gangatic plain. South east and north east monsoon brings showers of rain in the region. The climate of the city becomes very hot in summer and cold in winter. However, it witnesses all the four seasons in a year.

Barnala  City Guide
Faridkot City Guide

The holy city of Amritsar is located in the north western part of India, in the vibrant Punjab state, at an altitude of 31°37'59.16" N and latitude of 74°51'56.16" E. The trapezium shaped city is spread over an area of 50 sq km and falls under the administrative division of Jullandhar. Its distance from the nearest Lahore city in Pakistan is 50 km. The holy city of Amritsar is located in the north western part of India, in the vibrant Punjab state, at an altitude of 31°37'59.16" N and latitude of 74°51'56.16" E. The trapezium shaped city is spread over an area of 50 sq km and falls under the administrative division of Jullandhar. Its distance from the nearest Lahore city in Pakistan is 50 km.

Faridkot  City Guide
Fatehgarh Sahib City Guide

Fatehagarh Sahib, a well known city of Punjab state having religious and historical significance is situated between 30°38' North and 16°27' East latitudes, and just 50 km away from the west of Chandigarh, the capital of the state. The climate of the city is extreme hot in summer and shivering cold in winter. The temperature of the city ranges from 45 degree Celsius (in summer) to 4 degree Celsius (in winter). As for the monsoon, it has plenty of rains in rainy season.

Fatehgarh Sahib  City Guide
Ferozepur City Guide

The City is situated at India- Pakistan border on the bank of river Sutlej in Ferozepur district of Punjab and holds a great importance for several reasons. It is situated between 30°55' North and 74°36' East latitudes. It is surrounded by districts Moga, Muktsar and Kapurthala, and Ganganagar district of Rajasthan. Sutlej and Beas separate from Amritsar in the northwest and farther down from Pakistan. The City witnesses all the four seasons; spring, summer, monsoon and winter and great rise and fall are seen in the temperatures of winter and summer. In summer maximum temperature goes up to 47 degree Celsius, while temperature falls below freezing points for some time in winter.

Ferozepur  City Guide
Gurdaspur City Guide

Gurdaspur is a beautiful city at the foothills of the Himalayas. It comes in the Gurdaspur district of Punjab, situated in the northwest part of India and resides on the globe between 31°55' north and 75°15' east. It shares boundaries with Narowal district of Pakistani Punjab in the north-west, Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir in the north, Kangra and Chamba districts of Himachal Pradesh in the north-east, Hoshiarpur district in the south-east and Kapurthala districts in the south and Amritsar in south-west. Beas and Ravi, two big rivers pass through the district making it more attractive and giving plenty of irrigation opportunities for agriculture to the locals. The area of Gurdaspur has mainly two seasons that are summer and winter, although it has other seasons as well, but they don't affect the climate intensely. June is the hottest month and January is the coldest one. Rains fall here mostly in July.

Gurdaspur  City Guide
Hoshiarpur City Guide

Hoshiarpur lies in the north east part of Punjab state of India and is situated between northern altitudes of 30°09' and 32°05' and eastern longitudes of 75°32' and 76°12' east. It is surrounded by Kangra and Una Districts of Himachal Pradesh and Jalandhar and Kapurthala districts of Punjab itself.
In comparison to other areas of the state, the city has mild climate owing to abundance of hilly area on the one side and good size of forest cover on the other. Hoshiarpur area has mainly three seasons, viz. summer, rains and winter. The temperature of Hoshiapar ranges between 45 degree Celsius and 5 degree Celsius. However, on some days in winter the mercury may dip down to 0 degree Celsius also.

Hoshiarpur  City Guide
Jalandhar City Guide

Jalandhar is a well know city of Punjab, lying on the irrigated plain between the Beas and Sutlej rivers. It is situated on the globe at 71°31' East and 30°33' North. It is 146 km away from Chandigargh, the capital city of Punjab. The climate of the area remains dry most of the time of the year except a brief rainy season during August and first half of the September. It also witnesses all main four Indian seasons. The maximum temperature goes up to 41 degree Celsius in summer and 6 degree Celsius in winter season, but when it is hit by cold wave in the rear of western disturbances, the minimum temperature may fall down to freezing point also.

Jalandhar  City Guide
Kapurthala City Guide

Kapurthala, a small city of Punjab, also known for palaces and gardens was formerly a princely state ruled by the Ahluwalia dynasty. It is located between 31°23' north and 75°23' east. It is just 19 km from south west of Jalandhar. In the west of the city Beas flows and in south Sutlej flows after which Ferozepur district lies. The entire district of Kapurthala is an alluvial plain, always promising a decent crop. However, the city is also known for a number of industries.
As for the climate of the district, it is largely characterized by dry and arid season. Summers are very hot and winter brings shivering cold. The area of Kapurthala has mainly four seasons, viz. winter, spring, summer and rains. June is the hottest month of the year, while January and February are coldest months. Passing western disturbances cause cold waves in the district and temperature falls below the freezing points for some days.

Kapurthala   City Guide
Ludhiana City Guide

Ludhiana is one of the richest cities of Punjab and is located on National Highway NH1 (Delhi-Amritsar). On the globe it is situated between 30.9"N - 75.85"E and falls in Malwa region of Punjab. In the north of the city Sutlej flows and separates it from Jalandhar district. The river also works as its northern boundary with Hoshiarpur district. However, it shares common boundaries with Rupnagar, Moga and Sangrur. The climate of the city remains almost dry round the year apart from brief showers of Monsoon in hot summer and chilling winter. December and January are the coldest months, while June is hottest one, hot and dust laden wind blows here during summer. In all, it has mainly four seasons; these are winter, spring, summer and monsoon.

Ludhiana  City Guide
Mansa City Guide

Mansa is located in the north western part of India, in the state of Punjab at 29.98o North and 75.38o East. Mansa is somewhat triangular in shape which is bounded on the northwest by Bhathinda district, Barnala District on the North and Sangrur District in the North East. On the southern side it has Haryana state. You can enjoy all four seasons here in the city of Mansa. The winter sets in from November and lasts till March and in the winter temperature can fall from 19o C to 4 o C. From April to June is summer season here when temperature could rise to as high as 45o C. From July to November you will experience the most pleasing weather here and in the monsoon season temperature can be anything between 21o C to 35oC.

Mansa City Guide
Moga City Guide

Moga, the birth place of Lala Lajpat Rai is famous as an agricultural and industrial city. It is situated at 30.8o North and 75.17o East and is bordered by Jaladhar Distric in North, Ludhiyana district in East, Sangrur in South and Faridkot and Ferozpur in west. Moga experiences semitropical type of weather. The rainfall is short during the monsoon season and is about 234.5 mm annually. The summer season is extremely hot and temperature can rise from 34o C to 45o C and winter is also very bitter here. During winter temperature can fall from 12o C to even 2o C.

Moga  City Guide
Muktsar City Guide

Muktsar is located in Ssouth western zone of Punjab. It lies between 30o69` and 29o87` latitude and 74o21` and 74o86` longitude. It is surrounded by 2 states and three districts. There are states of Rajasthan and Haryana in south and district Faridkot in north, Firozpue in west and Bhatinda in the east. The climate of the place is determined by the Himalayas and Thar Desert which lie in north and south to Punjab respectively. From July to September Muktsar experiences 70 % of rainfall which is brought by South-Western monsoon. From March to June is summer season here when temperature can be an itching 45o C. In winters temperature may fall as down to 2 o C.

Muktsar City  Guide
Mohali City Guide

Mohali city is situated in the west of Chandigarh. It is bordered by Rupnagar district in the north, and Fatehpur Sahib & Patiyala in the south. Mohali has subtropical climate. Summers are very hot here. It is not advisable to visit Mohali for fun as at this time temperature may rise from 35o C to 44 o C. Winters are slightly cold but are much comfortable here and during winter temperature may fall from 15o C to 5o C. At the time of spring and in autumn temperature normally ranges between 16oC and 25 o C and it is the best time to visit this city.

Mohali  City Guide
Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar City Guide

Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar district is situated in 31.8o N and 76.7o E part of Punjab. The state capital Chandigarh is at a distance of 92 Kms from Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar District. Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar District is surrounded by four districts, at its west is Jalandhar, east border touches with Rupnagar district, the northern border has Hoshiarpur and in south it is bordered with Ludhiana and Kapurthala districts. Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar District experiences four seasons in which summer start in March and last in July, and temperature can rise to 41o C during the season. From October temperature starts falling and it remains cold here till February and meanwhile the city experiences the fall of temperature from 19o C to 6o C. Monsoon season lasts from July to October and the average annual rainfall remains around 70 cm in the District.

Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar  City Guide
Patiala City Guide

Geographically Patiala is located at 30.33o North and 76.4o South. It has an average elevation of 820 feet. During the short existence of PEPSU, Patiala served as a capital city. The city of Patiala has tropical and dry climate and can be divided into three seasons. Summer is very hot and dry in Patiala and it is never advisable to travel in this soar temperature. In summer the temperature is always between 30oC and 43o C. In winter which normally starts from the end of October and ends till January, temperature falls from 25oC to 5o C. From July to October, you will experience mild and heavy showers as the monsoon season starts.

Patiala  City  Guide
Rup Nagar City Guide

Rupnagar falls between North latitudes of 30o- 32' and 31o- 24' and east longitudes of 76o- 18' and 76o- 55'. The city adjoins Nawanshahr, Mohali and Fatehpur sahib districts. The climate of the city Rupnagar can be easily divided into four seasons. From March to June is the season of summer. You will find summer predominantly hot here and temperature can rise from 27o C to 45o C at the time. Winter here is dry and cold and falls in from December to February and temperature during winter can vary from 20o C to 4o C. Warm and Muggy monsoon of Rupnagar starts from July and ends in September.

Rup Nagar City Guide
Tarn Taran City Guide

Tarn Taran is situated near Amritsar in the state of Punjab in India. Its geographical coordinates are 31° 27' 0" North, 74° 55' 31" East. The climate in Tarn Taran is generally dry except for a brief monsoon season. The cold season starts from the middle of November and lasts till early March followed by the summer season till the end of June. The rainy season starts from early July and lasts up till September end. The period between the rainy season and cold season is considered the transition period.

Tarn Taran  City  Guide
Sangrur City Guide

Sangrur is located at 30.23o north and 75.83o east in Punjab state of India. It has an average elevation of about 232 meters. In Sangrur the summer is very dry and hot and is really soar if you want to travel at this time. It starts from early March and lasts till July. Then from late July it starts monsoon season which lasts till end of September. The second half of the September and October can be termed as transition period. From November to February is winter season here in Sangrur and you will find December to February the coldest months of the whole year.

Sangrur City Guide
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