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Barnala : City Travel Guide

Facts at a Glance
Area: 5020 Sq Km
Languages: Punjabi, English and Hindi
State: Punjab, India
ST D Code: 91-1679
Population: 1998464(in 2001)
Best Time to Visit: Winter season (November to February)

Barnala city Guide

Geography & Climate

Barnala City is a city in Southern Punjab, located between altitude 29°44' N and longitude 75°14' E. It is a part of Indo-Gangatic plain. South east and north east monsoon brings showers of rain in the region. The climate of the city becomes very hot in summer and cold in winter. However, it witnesses all the four seasons in a year.

How to Reach
Barnala is well connected by a network of roads, railways, and by air.

By Air :
There is no airport in Barnala. The nearest airport to Barnala City is Ludhiana which is 64 km away. You can get here from Ludhiana by bus or taxi. However, Ludhiana airport has almost daily flights to major cities of India.

By Train:
You can reach Barnala from Delhi by train also. Ned Sgnr Express, Dli, Bti Express are few of the train from Delhi. Ned Sgnr Express runs on Tuesdays while Dili Bti Express has daily service.

By Road
Barnala is well connected by roads with all major cities of India. It is 142 km from Chandigarh and 268 km from Delhi. So, you can get here by bus and taxi as well.

Tourist Places in Barnala

Barnala is a small town with developing economy. Some major attractions are :

Tourist Places in BarnalaSekha :
it is a worth seeing village and just 7 km from the city. It is located on the rail line, and hence connects the place with Patiala.

Bazaars :
The textile city is famous for its markets, such as; Purana Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar, Handiaya Bazaar and College Road etc. In these markets, you can buy several kinds of garments made of fine fabrics.

Industrial Houses :
As the city has flourishing textile industry, a number of industries have established here. Tident Group, Malwa Cotton Mills and Standard Combine are a few names of repute.

Clubs :
The city is also famous for its clubs which are scattered all over the city. Rotary Club and Lions' Club are among the famous names in this category.

Where to Stay
The City has a number of renowned hotels that offer all modern facilities to guests and outsiders. Depending upon your budget, fully air conditioned or the normal ones,both types of accommodations are available in the Barnala City Guide.

What to Eat in Barnala
Barnala is famous as an agrarian city. So, traditional Punjabi food is intensely popular here among visitors. However, South India, Continental and Chinese delicacies are also found.

What to Shop in the City
The city is known for its textile industry and agrarian products. So, if you really want to get things of quality, it is not a bad place. History behind the Name of Barnala
There are several stories about the past of the city. It was called Anahatgarh in ancient times. Muslims of the surrounding areas used to plunder it occasionally. Then a man of clout named Ala Singh forced the Moguls to vacate the region. He made a fort here for himself, wherein was a place 'Baahuli' which was commonly called Baain, and later on it became Baain of Ala and finally Barnala City Guide. According to one other story, Vaaran is a place frequently hit by storms, so Barnala name was given to the place as it was frequently hit by the storms.
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