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Faridkot : City Travel Guide

Facts at a Glance
Area: 1475.70 Sq km.
Languages: Punjabi, English, Hindi and Urdu
State: Punjab, India<
ST D Code: 91-1639
Population: 552466(in 2001)

Best Time to Visit: October to March, the months which are characterized by winter and spring are the best months to visit the city.

Faridkot City Guide

Geography & Climate
The city is a falls in Faridkot district of Northern Punjab, located between altitude 31°24 North and longitude 74°27East. It is surrounded by Ferozpur in the north-west, Moga and Ludhian in the north-east and Bhatinda and Sangrur in the south. It is 218 km from Chandigarh, 32km from Firozepur, 45km from Mutktsar and 65km from Bhatinda. The area of the city is flat and low lying and is part of great Satluj Ganga plain. The climate of the city is mainly dry and it witnesses a very hot summer, short rainy season and bracing winter. There is huge difference in the temperatures of winter and summer of the city. It could go up to 47 degree Celsius in summer and can fall down to a low 4 degree Celsius in the winter. However, cold waves sometimes cause winter temperature to drop down to one or two degrees below the freezing point of water.

How to Reach
Faridkot is well connected by road, rail and airways.

By Air :
The nearest airports to Faridkot City are Amritsar International Airport (125 km) and Delhi International Airport (425 km). As both of the airports are of international status, you can get flights of various airlines to all major cities of the world from there.

By Train :
Faridkot is well connected with rail network. There are various trains which come to city from Jammu, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jaipur and Amritsar. From Mumbai, Punjab Mail and FZR Janta Express, from Jammu, JAT BTI Express, from Bhatinda, BTI JAT Express, and ADI JAT Express from Ahmedabad regularly run for the Faridkot City Guide.

By Road
You can reach Faridkot by roads as well. It has good connectivity with all the major cities of the region. The nearest airport of Amritsar is just 125 km from here. You can get taxi or buses etc from there. There are daily services from Delhi also by luxury Volvo buses.

Tourist Places in Faridkot

Faridkot is a marvelous city, which has several historical and religious places to visit. Some major sight seeing places are :

Qila MubarakQila Mubarak:
This fort seems to adorn the city with its impressive architecture. Its foundation is believed to have been laid by Raja Mokalsi. Raja Hamir Singh renovated it and extended its territory. Later on several other kings got new buildings constructed into its premises.

Raj Mahal:
It is spread over 15 acres land and was constructed during the reign of Maharaja Bikrama Singh (1885-1889). The palace offers the glimpses of French design along with magnificent grassy lawns.

Darbar Ganj:
This is beautiful bungalow with beautiful garden. In ancient times, guests from neighboring states used to stay here, but now it has been transformed into Circuit House.

Fairy Cottage:
It is a beautiful cottage, 7 km from Faridkot's Chahla Road, constructed by Maharaja Brijinder Singh in 1910-11.Check Tower: It is situated at the entrance of Fairy Cottage, and was made by Maharaja Brijinder Singh.

Sheikh Farid Agman PurabSheikh Farid Agman Purab:
It is famous for Sheikh Farid Agman festival which is celebrated from 15 September to 23 September every year. Thousands of people throng here to enjoy the celebrations visit Faridkot City Guide.

What to Eat
While in Faridkot, don't forget to binge on city's local sweets, the most popular is Bhiye di Barfi.
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