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Muktsar : City Travel Guide

Facts at a Glance
Area: 2165 Sq Km
Languages: Hindi, Punjabi
State: : Punjab
STD Code: : 01633
Population: 777493

Best Time to Visit: :September to March.

Muktsar city tour

Geography & Climate
Muktsar City is located in Ssouth western zone of Punjab. It lies between 30o69` and 29o87` latitude and 74o21` and 74o86` longitude. It is surrounded by 2 states and three districts. There are states of Rajasthan and Haryana in south and district Faridkot in north, Firozpue in west and Bhatinda in the east.
The climate of the place is determined by the Himalayas and Thar Desert which lie in north and south to Punjab respectively. From July to September Muktsar experiences 70 % of rainfall which is brought by South-Western monsoon. From March to June is summer season here when temperature can be an itching 45o C. In winters temperature may fall as down to 2 o C.

How to Reach

By Air :
The nearest airport from Muktsar is Raja Sansi International Airport which is at adistance of 141 Km from Muktsar and is situated in Amritsar. Then there is also Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and Muktsar City Guide.

By Train :
Trains are easy and inexpensive mode to travel and Muktsar is well connected with many major cities. The nearest railway station is 45 Km far from Muktsar and is in Ferozpur, then at 55 Km distance there is Bhathinda railway station.

By Road
Regular buses from Muktsar to Bhatinda and Ferozpur are easily available. Bhatinda is around 55 Km by road from Muktsar and Ferozpur is almost 45 Km.

Muktsar city travel

Places to see in Muktsar

Muktsar City Guide has a number of Gurdwaras which you must visit if you are here. Shri Darbar Sahib, Rakab Ganj Sahib, Shaheedan Da Gurudwara, Tambu Sahib, Tarn Taran Sahib and Tibbi Sahib are some of the Gurudwaras which are frequently visited by the devotes every day. You can also attend the famous fair, Mela Maghi, if you are here a day after Lohri. This day is celebrated in the remembrance of the forty martyrs from Sikh community who fought against Moguls for their country. People from all over the world come and attained this function and also take a dip in the holy water of Sarovar.

What to Eat in Muktsar
Langar in these Gurudwara is not only a food for body, but is a treat to your soul as well. And no doubt it is tasty as well. If you want your taste buds to do Bhangra, just go to the Dhabas in Muktsar and order for Maa ki Daal, Tandoori Murg and a big glass of Lassi after that.

What to Shop in Muktsar
If you are attending the famous fair of Muktsar, the Mela Maghi, you will get spoiled with choices. The vendors from various villages come to this place to sell their products and you can buy spicy pickles, spices, Fulkari Lahangas, Sarees, shawls, woolens and more in large variety and in very cheap prices visit Muktsar City Guide.

Muktsar Sahib has a proud history. It is said to be the last battle field of Guru Gobind Singh, which is the most decisive battle in the military history of the Sikhs. Muktsar means – the pool of libration. Forty Sikh warriors fought bravely for their country to their death against the Mughal Empire. Till date it is remembered by people and a grand festival is held here in their remembrance every year in January.
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