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Patiala : City Travel Guide

Facts at a Glance
Area: 3291 Sq Km
Languages : Punjabi, Hindi, English
State : : Punjab
STD Code : : 0175
Population : 2,154,686

Best Time to Visit : : October to March

Patiala city guide

Geography & Climate
Geographically Patiala City is located at 30.33o North and 76.4o South. It has an average elevation of 820 feet. During the short existence of PEPSU, Patiala served as a capital city.
The city of Patiala has tropical and dry climate and can be divided into three seasons. Summer is very hot and dry in Patiala and it is never advisable to travel in this soar temperature. In summer the temperature is always between 30oC and 43o C. In winter which normally starts from the end of October and ends till January, temperature falls from 25oC to 5o C. From July to October, you will experience mild and heavy showers as the monsoon season starts.

How to Reach

By Air :
The nearest airport to Patiala is in Chandigarh. This is a domestic airport and is situated around 58 Km far from the city. Then around 112 Km far is another domestic airport which is Shimla Airport . Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is the nearest International airport from Patiala which is 210 Km from the Patiala City Guide.

By Train :
Patiala has its own railway station from where you can get regular trains for many cities like Mumbai, Chandigarh and Delhi, and fare is also not very costly. There are normal and air conditioned coaches for the place which are required to be booked in advance.

By Road
There are both regular and interstate bus services that you can get for Patiala City Guide. Private and government buses are available for you but fare of private buses can be bit expensive in comparison to the government ones.

Places to see in Patiala

Sheesh Mahal
This temple, as the name denotes, is literally a palace of mirror. It is a part of old Moti Bagh Palace and was built in 19th century by Maharaja Narinder Singh.

Qila Mubarak Complex
Qila Mubarak is situated at the heart of the city and is one of the major attractions of the city. It stands in 10 acre ground and contains an inner fort, the Qila Androon, a guest house or Run Baas and a Darbari Haal. A Shiva temple and Darshani gate are the main tourist attractions of the place.

Baradari GardenBaradari Garden
This garden is located outside the Sheranwala gate and in the north of Old Patiala city. You will find exotic trees and rare shrubs in this garden which is dotted with many rare varieties of flowers that give a breath taking view to the visitors.

What to Eat in Patiala
Patiala is a place where many empires rose and fell but each one has blessed this city with its own culture, tradition and most interestingly the food habits. In Patiala City Guide you can savor Mogul style cuisines and many other world famous Punjabi dishes as well.

What to Shop in Patiala
Majestic old markets of Patiala are meant to delight the women, and ladies from all over the India come to Patiala City Guide to shop and stuff their bags with things like Jooties, parandas, hand woven fabric, ornament, Fulkari clothes etc.. The spicy dried edible products like papad and pickles are again what people love to buy from here.

In the 18th century with the downfall of the Moguls, the political situation went into the favour of Sikhs and they used the situation to their full advantage. The position of power was successfully filled up by the Sikh Misldars in Punjab by thwarting the designs of both the Marathas and the Afghans. One among these independent principalities of the Sikhs was established by Baba Ala Singh at Patiala City Guide.
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